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FP7 project-REGPOT-2008-1: Unlocking the Croatian Research Potentials (T-Pot) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 May 2009
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PhD Sandra Bischof Vukusic, Assoc.Prof., Senior scientist at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF-in) is the coordinator of the FP7 project funded by the European Commission in group projects Capacities. Activity REGPOT-1 provides for the development of scientific potential konvergencijskih region.
The overall aim is to strengthen the scientific potential of the TTF-in that will allow greater inclusion of the Croatian textile organizations in the research activities at European level and thus support the process of harmonization and integration of European research (European Research Area - ERA).

The basic design goals are: 

  1. Strengthening Scientific Research (Science & Technology S & T) potential
  2. stablishing strategic partnerships with research groups and industry
  3. Mobilization of human & material resources
  4. Strengthening communication between centers who have similar research interests
  5. Dissemination of scientific information and research results
  6. Improvements in meeting socio-economic needs of Croatia.

Strengthening the scientific and research potential

Faculty of Textile Technology is the only scientific and research institutions in the field of textiles and clothing. Strengthening TTF's scientific and research potential will be realized through strengthening the human and material resources, as well as through the research infrastructure. Recently founded Research Center for textiles (Textile Science Research Center - TSRC), will through this project will be further strengthened with the aim of strengthening national innovation. The European Union, and Croatia recognized the importance issue nanotechnology, new materials and production technologies (NMP), which should continue to evolve if it wants to uèvstiti European competitiveness, as well as the Croatian products on the global market.

Establishing strategic partnerships with research groups and industry

Recently launched a new initiative of the European market (Lead market initiative - LMI), in which as one of 6 major markets predicted protective materials. Faculty of Textile Technology seeks its existing good cooperation with the industrial sector further strengthened, primarily through joint projects. As part of the T-Pot project will intensify the cooperation, primarily with 3 European partners:

1) Sächsisches Textilforschunginstitut (STFI), Saxon Textile Research Institute, Germany

2) Institute of Natural Fibers (INF), Institute for the natural fiber, Poland

3) Center of Technological Innovation (Leitat), Center for Technology Innovation, Spain.

Mobilization of human & material resources

At the expense of the T-Pot project will be employed 3 new researchers who will further educate the partner institutions for a period of at least 6 months. This measures the mobilization of human resources, promoting transfer of knowledge and further reinforces the partnership with European colleagues. Additionally, will be deployed one expert with many years of experience, primarily within the NMP category that seeks to strengthen this project. Given the current trend of lifelong education and the necessity of permanent adoption of new knowledge and skills, the project will be organized shorter visits of Croatian researchers in European institutions, and vice versa, for the purpose of the transfer and application of new knowledge. Also in these events to be organized lectures of guest experts, textile forums, workshops and summer schools. The presence of representatives from the Croatian industry is a necessary prerequisite for the transfer of knowledge from the academy towards the industry.

As part of the project will improve the research infrastructure procurement Series devices. Given that the goal of this project, the strengthening of scientific capacities, primarily in the area of protective material provides the procurement of devices for the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA-thermogravimetric analysis, DSC - Differential scanning calorimetry, FTIR - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy). For more detailed characterization of fiber or material, as well as the analysis result of the changes in the textiles and other substrates will be procurement and SEM (scanning electron microscope).

Dissemination of scientific information and research results

Dissemination of scientific information will primarily take place through a new portal Scientific Research Center for textiles (Textile Science Research Center). The entire portal is aimed at monitoring the results of research and development of textile and clothing industry. Portal will serve as a link between local and international experts and scientists, and enable faster and easier information exchange and transfer of knowledge.

Improvements in meeting socio-economic needs of Croatia


Strengthening the scientific capacity of TTF and the T-Pot contribute to the improvement of the Croatian socio-economic needs. Faculty in their ongoing development and support the entrepreneurial culture of innovation and thus allow you to capitalize knowledge. We hope that the funds obtained from the European Commission to strengthen scientific research capacity in the value of gotovo1 million €, to give an additional impetus Croatian textile and odjevnoj industry that it is in these crucial moments, very much needed.

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