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Within WP4, first Contract was signed with Microlux for purchase of Scanning Electrone Microscope PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2009
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First in the series of equipment acquisition within the T-Pot project is a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope. Upon the finalization of the Public Procurement procedure, the Contract was signed on 2nd September 2009 with the Microlux d.o.o., official representative of a Czech company Tescan..

Improvement of scientific infrastructure, to reduce the gap between our present state and EU standards is one of T-Pots highest priorities. Investment in equipment will serve another important purpose – to boost the development of applied research, development of methods, technologies or new products. With the contribution of T-Pot, several apparatus for material identification and thermal analysis will be purchased. This particular set of equipment will provide a great benefit to our future scientific research, allowing in-depth analysis.

On 2nd September 2009 the Contract for the purchase of Scanning Electron Microscope has been signed with Microlux d.o.o. Ordered model Mira II LMU is expected to be installed at the premises of Department of Textile Chemistry & Ecology, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, within two month period.

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Figure 1: Conclusion of the Contract by the contractors: Darko Ujević, Dean of the Faculty of Textile Technology and Marin Šoufek, Director of Microlux.d.o.o.


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Figure 2: Project coordinator Sandra Bischof Vukušić and contractors

High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope Schottky Field Emission  (SEM-FE) MIRA II LMU is a  fully PC controlled FE SEM intended for both – high and low vacuum  operations. It is caracterised by outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity. Sophisticated user-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing using Windows™ platform, standard formats of stored images, enhanced image archiving, processing and measurements, automatic set up of the microscope and many other automated operations are characteristic features of the equipment.
SEM allows researching the structures invisible to human eye by magnification up to 1,000,000 times.

Figure 3: SEM-FE MIRA II LMU, Tescan model

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